Year 7 to Year 9

Victorian College for the Deaf Secondary School offers unique bilingual educational school for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing students.

The College strives to encourage all students to achieve their academic abilities and potential.

Students are educated using a language model with AUSLAN and English as two languages.

AUSLAN is the natural rich language of the Australian Deaf community and forms the basis of the language of instruction used at the College. Auslan is a visual and spatial language with its’ own grammatical features and rules. All subjects are taught in Auslan. English is acquired through reading and writing experiences, individual literacy programs, access to a speech/language program and rich experiential learning activities.

In consultation with families and carers, we develop  individual learning plans that cater to the students’ individual learning needs. The curriculum is based on the Victorian Curriculum.  Small classes ensure that quality educational programs are provided by highly qualified and experienced teachers of the Deaf with the help of Deaf Language Assistants.