Specialist Support Programs

At Victorian College for the Deaf we have many specialist support  programs and services to meet students’ diverse needs.


Deaf Language Assistants. Auslan language and culture models.

Speech and Language Pathology. Individual, small group and/or in-class sessions designed to develop speech, language and communication skills.

Occupational Therapist. Providing assessment and therapy programs in addition to classroom adjustments to aid students.

School Psychologist. Providing wellbeing support for students, families and carers.

Australian Hearing / Cochlear Implant Clinic (CIC). Services and support in assessing diagnosing, providing and/or recommending which technology is best for our students.

Interpreters. Providing supported access to learning programs.

Transport Services. From nominated pick-up and drop off locations.

Year 6/7 Transition Program. Complete preparation for secondary school education.