We believe that Physical Education is integral to the development of self-confidence, comradeship, team spirit and self-fulfilment. We therefore ensure that there is every opportunity possible for students to try, participate in and practice a vast range of physical activities.

Our aim is for all our students to enjoy participating in sport. We aim to encourage involvement and achievement in a safe and controlled environment.

Students’ co-ordination and movement is of the utmost importance, hence our Physical Education program is geared towards improving these two broad areas. Students are given the opportunity to learn and take part in many different activities. Each year group is also taught gymnastics, dance, swimming, multi-skills and a broad range of sports.

VCD students participate in Beachside School Sport Competitions in all four terms, including swimming, cross country running, field athletics, hockey, basketball, netball, badminton, tennis, volleyball, table tennis, soccer, futsal, football, rugby, golf, cricket and softball/baseball. This involvement fosters healthy competition and self worth and provides students with the opportunity of socialising with hearing peers and consequentially raising their awareness of Auslan and Deaf Culture and the Deaf Community.